Texas Woman Found Engaging in Bestiality with Dog After Husband’s Arrest for Exposing Himself to Children

Joely, 53, and William Mitchell Keen, 52, were arrested on March 27 after dozens of disturbing photos and videos were allegedly discovered on his phone.

They allegedly included at least one video of Joely engaged in ‘multiple sex acts’ with the couple’s Great Dane – the world’s biggest dog breed.

Police uncovered the video after confiscating her husband’s phone after he was charged with indecent exposure on March 13.

The father-of-two, who goes by Mitchell, was caught masturbating while following children around a H-E-B supermarket in Spring, just outside Houston.

Further investigation led to him also being charged with indecency with a child by exposure – and the discovery of the videos.

The couple’s home was raided by heavily armed police and they were taken away in handcuffs while their two children, aged 18 and 10, and three dogs were rescued.

‘We don’t know what kind of environment they were exposed to on a regular basis. Maybe they weren’t exposed to anything. Maybe they were exposed to a lot,’ Montgomery County Constables Lieutenant Ken Washington said. 

Mitchell is a former US Navy sailor and Joely a family nurse at nearby Total Men’s Primary Care until she was fired on Monday.

Joely was charged with bestiality and Mitchell with possessing fewer than 100 images of child pornography a third-degree felony.

Both were released on bail, Joely on $5,000 and Mitchell on $50,000, but did return to their home for several days.

Left parked in their driveway was a truck with a ‘Wildlife Rescue and Relocation’ sticker on the back.

Neighbors told local news the couple were know for their affinity with animals and one joked he used to call Mitchell ‘Pet Detective’.

Their two children were sent to live with relatives.

‘It’s not normal. In the 20-plus years I’ve been doing this job, it doesn’t cease to amaze me,’ Washington said.

‘Something comes up every now and again when you are investigating a crime. So when these detectives were going through this investigation, and they find the images and the video and the sexual acts – that’s extremely concerning. 

‘But then you see an animal involved, which makes this odd.’ 

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