Florida Woman, 25, Ends Date by Stealing Man’s Car, Slitting His Throat and Tossing Him Off a Bridge, Say Cops

Florida woman is facing multiple charges after she allegedly slit her date’s throat and then tossed him off a bridge.

Natalie Fonseca, 25, is charged with attempted murder, carjacking, kidnapping, and robbery with a firearm after she and a male accomplice allegedly stole a man’s car, shoes and cash before leaving him for dead.

She and her alleged accomplice, 31-year-old Nafis Reynolds, have yet to enter a plea.

An arrest warrant obtained by Inside Edition Digital says that the victim approached an officer outside a convenience store shortly after 8 a.m. on Oct. 8.

The victim “was covered in dry blood, his face was bruised and swollen, he could hardly stand and he was barefoot,” according to the warrant.

He also had “deep lacerations on the front and sides of his neck,” and told the officer “his friends attacked him …stuck a knife in [his] neck … beat him … stole [his] car, and threw him off a bridge,” says the warrant.

The victim was then rushed to the hospital for surgery, but later that day provided officers with more information.

The man claimed that he met a woman on Facebook and “offered to take her to dinner or take her to buy some food” when she mentioned having money troubles, according to the warrant.

On their first outing together, the man told police that he took the victim to a taco truck and then dropped her off back at home.

The following day, the victim “started receiving messages from the female again about wanting to see him,” says the warrant.

He told her he would meet up with her after cashing his paycheck, and after arriving was told by the female that she needed to pick up her cat, according to the warrant. The female then drove victim’s car to get said cat and returned to her home.

The warrant says that the female went inside and then returned to the car with a male, who showed the victim that he had a pistol before the three drove to a barbecue, which the female said was at her uncle’s house.

Once again, the female drove the victim’s car, both to the barbecue and later to a liquor store where the victim purchased wine and beer for her, says the warrant.

The victim says that when he was ready to go the three got into the car and the male began “punching him,” while the female said “They were going to take him to a place and take everything from him, kill him, and throw him in the water,” says the warrant.

The pair allegedly did just that, with the victim telling police that the female “cut him on his neck while the male was hitting him and then the male cut his neck with the knife, telling him he was going to die,” according to the warrant.

The pair then took his cellphone, shoes, and $350 cash before throwing him off the bridge, says the warrant.

The victim somehow managed to swim to a bank, where he lost consciousness and was awoken the following morning by a woman on a boat who ferried him back the roadway, says the warrant.

He then managed to flag down a motorist who drove him for a little while before pulling over and informing him he had to get out of the car, at which time the victim walked 10 minutes down the road and encountered a police office, according to the warrant.

The victim did not know the woman’s name or her exact address but did describe the home and police later found surveillance footage of the victim and Fonseca at a local convenience store as well as video of Fonseca entering a store while the victim and Reynolds sat in his car outside.

After three days in the hospital the victim was discharged and took police to the scene of the crime and identified the home where Fonseca and Reynolds live as being the home of the man and woman who tried to kill him, according to the warrant.

Fonseca and Reynolds are scheduled to be arraigned on Nov. 17.

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