Wife sets husband on fire for molesting 7-year-old daughter

A WOMAN who set fire to her husband after he molested her daughter told cops that shooting was too good for him.

Tatanysha Hedman, 40, poured petrol over Vincent Phillips as he slept.

She then used a lighter and watched as he went up in flames.

A pal staying with them used a blanket to put out the fire and Phillips drove in agony to a local shop screaming “I’m on fire. Help me.”

He begged an assistant to call police and told them: “My wife did it” — before passing out.

Phillips, 52, of Renton, Washington, US, is in intensive care with burns to his head and body.

Court documents revealed that Hedman decided to “pour gasoline on him and not
shoot him because that was too nice”.

She faces charges of arson and assault.

Phillips is expected to be charged with molesting a seven-year-old.

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