Alabama Teen Killed His Family of Five After Feeling Betrayed


The 14-year-old found out his mother wasn’t actually his mother and went on a killing spree.

In 2019, Mason Sisk, a 14-year-old boy, spread terror in the small town of Elkmont after shooting his parents and siblings in a fit of rage. The Alabama Police arrested the teenager at the spot as they became suspicious of Mason’s statement. Mason did not resist the police and eventually told them that he had killed his family. The police investigation was focused on finding the motive behind the child’s aggression. The boy was held captive in juvenile detention as his trial dates were postponed due to various reasons. In 2021, Mason was transferred to the adult prison in Alabama. The spectators wait for the conviction of Mason Sisk, which is believed not to happen anytime soon.

A Disturbing Childhood

Mason’s Biological Mother Died from Addiction

John Sisk, Mason’s father and a cosmetologist by profession, parted ways with his first wife in 2008. According to John, his first wife was addicted to hard drugs and regularly consumed alcohol, making her unfit to take care of Mason. Her addiction got out of hand, and hence, John applied for Mason’s full custody in 2010. Mason had been with his father since then. A few years after separation, John’s first wife died, depriving Mason of motherly love.

Mason was Never Told About His Real Mother

John Sisk later married Mary, a special education instructor at Huntsville City School. Mary moved from New Orleans to Elkmont, Alabama, to live with John. The Sisks then gave birth to two sons and one daughter, who became step-siblings to Mason. Mason finally had a normal and loving family. However, the 14-year-old was unaware of who his biological mother was, and neither did John ever break the truth to him. John never thought that the revelation of the hidden truth would become the death of him and his family.

John Sisk married Mary after the death of his former wife without bringing it to Mason’s knowledge.

Murder Timeline

Mason’s Escalating Anger Issues After Discovering About His Real Mother

In August 2019, Mason discovered that his birth mother had died after painfully struggling with addiction. Mason’s reality did not settle very well with him, and he could not accept that Mary was not his biological mother. According to Daisy McCarty (Mason’ Cousin Sister), Mason became aggressive and violent after acknowledging the truth of his family. He would act out in school, misbehaving with the teaching staff. Mason was also complained to have burned animals alive.

Mason Gunned Down His Father, Step-Mother, and Step-Siblings

On 2 September 2019, Mason had a rush of disturbing thoughts in his head. Mason could not bear the weight of his unsettling reality as he picked a 9mm handgun and went to the upper story from the house’s basement. Mason then, one by one, shot his entire family in the face, putting them to eternal sleep. He did not hesitate shooting his innocent six-year-old brother, Grayson, five-year-old sister, Aurora, and merely six-month-old brother, Colson. The whole family was wiped in the blink of an eye.

Mason killed his younger siblings by shooting them in the head with a 9mm handgun.

Mason Called 911 and Pretended to Be Innocent

Mason then went out and threw away the handgun a few streets away from his home. The 14-year-old boy came back home and called 911. He complained that he was in the basement when someone intruded in his house and killed his family. He informed the police that he heard gunshots when he rushed upstairs just to find his family members lying dead.

Police Arrest

Police arrested Mason after his stories about the incident varied.

Mason’s Story Made the Police Suspicious of Him

Initially, the police believed what Mason had told them. However, Mason’s story began to differ from his previous versions of the incident story. The police then grew suspicious of Mason, and they were almost sure that Mason was hiding a dark truth from them. The police began grilling the 14-year-old boy vehemently to make him confess the truth.

Mason Confessed to Killing His Family

The teenager had been lying to the police earlier, but he was unable to resist the police’s interrogation pressure. Eventually, Mason gave in and admitted to all his crimes. He informed the police that he had killed his parents and his siblings. Mason did not seem apologetic for killing his family, leaving the police wondering about his motive behind committing the heinous crime. The police arrested Mason on charges of two capital murders of two adult victims and three capital murders of victims younger than 14 years of age. Mason later walked the police to the area where he had discarded his handgun with which he wiped the family.

Court Trial

Mason was detained at Juvenile Valley Detention Centre; meanwhile, he was put on trial in November 2019. Mason’s trial was constantly delayed and never came to a conclusion. In 2021, Mason was moved to Limestone County Jail after he was proven to be mentally fit. Mason Sisk’s case is still functional as the police investigate concrete reasoning behind his cause.


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