Portal may be on Nintendo 64 before coming to the Switch


A small team has been hard at work with a demake of Portal, but the real kicker is that it’s running on Nintendo 64 hardware. Meanwhile, Portal — which I remind you is from 2007 — still doesn’t have a release date more specific than ‘2022’ for the Nintendo Switch.

Dedicated Nintendo devotee James Lambert released a video showing off the power of Nintendo’s 25 year old cartridge-based console, as he tests the addition of the portal gun to the project. Showing off the basics of the portal gun, he’s initially skeptical of the engine’s capability to render recursive portals. But as he experiments, James quickly ups his predictions from four portals deep to six while still running smoothly. Having iterated on his success as any proper mad scientist would, James finally rests his case: 14 portals deep is as high as he’s going to try.


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