Discord’s Party Mode is a party pooper for processors


Discord has a new Party Mode to celebrate the app’s seventh anniversary, though the fun new feature may not be something you want running on your system if you’re precious over your CPU usage.

Party Mode is a purely cosmetic addition with no real user benefits, adding some audio and visual changes such as cheering crowds, confetti and a combo counter that appears when you type. While it has no real use, it’s certainly interesting to use for a short while, and reminds us of the various customizations and themes that users could add to older social media platforms such as MySpace, Tumblr and Bebo.

As reported by PC Gamer though, this isn’t all fun and games, as all those quirky confetti explosions and other various party-themed effects can hog your processor, with some users claiming to have seen a 30% spike in CPU usage simply from switching on the new mode.

The following troubleshooting advice was provided by official Discord Support for those who were experiencing issues with using the feature:

“If you have Reduced Motion enabled, it may conflict with Party Mode. You can check this setting by going to User Settings > Accessibility > Enable Reduced Motion and seeing whether the toggle is on. Please note that certain aspects of Party Mode, including Confetti and Screenshake, will be disabled depending on whether Reduced Motion is enabled.”


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