Woman gets $11K forehead reduction surgery after being called ‘fivehead’ by brutal bullies

After facing years of bullying and insecurity due to the size of her forehead, 27-year-old Beth Halsey decided to undergo forehead reduction surgery.

Referred to as a “fivehead” by bullies, Beth constantly rocked bangs to conceal her forehead.

However, the fear of her forehead being exposed in windy conditions prompted her to spend £9,000 ($11,000) on a surgical procedure that would lower her hairline.

Describing her forehead as a source of constant self-consciousness, Beth shared her relief post-surgery, stating that the procedure had been life-changing for her confidence.

She expressed that the decision to undergo surgery stemmed from her desire to no longer hide behind her bangs and feel self-conscious in various situations, such as swimming or having her photo taken without her forehead concealed.

The woman paid $11,000 for her forehead reduction surgery (Image: Instagram)

Beth recalled how the bullying she endured during her school years had a lasting impact on her self-esteem and body image.

“I’ve had a fringe my whole life and had one cut in [sic] since the age of around seven. At school people used to say ‘why’s your head so big?’ and they’d call me ‘five-head’,” reports Lad Bible.

Hearing the term “fivehead” from her peers, she felt the need to constantly disguise her forehead, leading to a reliance on having bangs since childhood.

Explaining her decision to undergo surgery, Beth emphasized that while some may find comfort in wearing bangs, she had reached a point where she wanted to address her insecurities head-on.

She said: “For some people having a fringe is absolutely fine but for me it got to the point where I then started hating the fringe as well as the forehead. I didn’t want to be stuck with it forever.

Following a three-hour surgery procedure performed under local anesthetic, Beth expressed her satisfaction with the results and her newfound confidence in going without bangs.

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