Woman fired for mysterious antics at company Christmas party after promising she’d ‘behave’: ‘Gross misconduct’

A woman claimed she was “sacked” after attending a holiday party her job threw, revealing the termination letter she received from her boss on TikTok.

The woman, who goes by Molly, posted a sound clip from the hit movie “The Hangover” along with Flo Rida’s “Right Round” as she promised she’d “behave at the staff party.”

A note then appears right after the selfie which pans out to a letter from Molly’s boss letting her know she’s being let go.

“Dear Molly, It is with regret that I must confirm the outcome of my investigation into the events that took place at the staff Christmas party on Saturday evening,” the letter starts.

Molly’s former employer accused the woman, who did not reveal her occupation, that she “risked putting the reputation of the nursery into disrepute.

“This amounts to gross misconduct. As you are still on your probationary period, I had no option but to terminate your contract of employment with immediate effect,” the letter added.

The letter, however, never specifically details what Molly did or why she was fired.

“You will be paid any holiday that you have accrued along with your hours for this month in your final pay packet on 7th January,” the letter states.

In an update video, Molly claims she can’t speak out on the incident despite people across social media offering to pay the worker.

She admitted there was allegedly somebody else involved and mentioned they “played an equal part in what happened,” however, that person got to keep their job.

“Unfortunately, without her permission, I can’t actually upload a story time [explain what happened] again but I mean if she one day says ‘you know what, go ahead with it, just don’t use my name, whatever,’ then I will post it,” Molly says.

The termination letter Molly was given from her boss is shown, though she blacks out a part of the letter that could reveal why she was let go. (@m21lly / Tiktok)

Molly removed the comments on the original video, which now has over 2.5 million views, though, many curious users are demanding to know what happened.

“How come she kept her job but you got sacked when you both did the same?,” one person commented, to which Molly replied, “she’s been there over 2 years, whereas i was fairly new.”

“You can’t call it a story time and not tell us the story,” a frustrated person replied.

“If you both had a part to play, she [the friend] should have lost her job, too. Doesn’t matter how long she’s worked there,” another user argued.

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