Watch this now: new footage shows Elden Ring VR might be too immersive


You’ll soon be able to explore the Lands Between in first-person, with an upcoming Elden Ring VR mod that plonks you behind the eyeballs of your Tarnished. New gameplay footage shows us just how big of a game-changer the mod will be, as well as just how terrifyingly immersive FromSoftware’s brutal fantasy world becomes when you’re staring it directly in the face.

UploadVR has shared a hands-on 15-minute preview of the Elden Ring VR mod in action. Created by experienced modder Luke Ross, it lets you play through the entire game from a first-person perspective, so you can square up to all the Elden Ring bosses from a new point of view. It doesn’t support motion controls, however, so you’ll still be using a controller to swing your sword and roll around, just as you normally would.


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