Superstar TikTok Prankster Gets Eliminated By An OG For Filming Pranks In The Hood


There are plenty of ways to get TikTok famous. A famous tiktok influencer as racked up nearly two million followers and over 25 million likes on the popular platform by acting like he wants to throw down with random strangers in the hood.

But this influencer made a huge mistake this past weekend when he took his prank filming way too far.

He’s known for his pranks where he runs up on unsuspecting people and baiting them. Taking off his shirt and challenging them.

When they get riled up and ready to throw down, he lets them know its a prank and that it’s only for the camera.

Most people take his pranks in stride. But this time it went horribly wrong.

He ran his pranks on the wrong one and this is what happened:


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