Steam Deck can now run 1,200+ verified games, up from 350 at launch

Steam Deck can now run 1,200+ verified games, up from 350 at launch

TL;DR: Valve’s Steam Deck now has more than 1,200 games verified to run without issue. This number has more than tripled from when the portable console launched. There are also another 1,200 titles that are playable, but might have some problems.

Boiling Steam has been tracking the number of games that can run on the Steam Deck. Since the handheld PC launched on February 25, the numbers show that Steam has been verifying playable games and making tweaks to the OS to ensure more titles will work flawlessly on the machine.

On release, the Steam Deck only touted about 350 games guaranteed to run from day one. About another 300 were deemed playable but with issues — many just because they were designed for keyboard and mouse input. It’s not a terrible start, but with thousands of games on Steam, the Steam Deck barely scratched the surface of its namesake’s library.

Today, roughly 1,289 games work flawlessly on the handheld PC, and another 1,169 are playable with issues. That is considerable progress, and the numbers will only increase over time as Steam tests more titles and makes further tweaks to the Deck’s software.

But the brunt of the effort does not fall squarely on Valve’s shoulders. Many playable games only need controller support to move them to the verified column, which is up to the developers. That said, the future looks pretty bright for the on-the-go gaming PC so far.

Image credit: Boiling Steam


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