Sales tax holidays coming to Florida. Business owner talks potential savings for consumers

Sales tax holidays coming to Florida. Business owner talks potential savings for consumers

ORLANDO, Fla. – Gov. Ron DeSantis signed off on what he calls the largest tax relief package in state history Friday.

It includes a series of sales tax holidays and savings on gas, appliances and diapers. With rising costs and inflation, News 6 wanted to look at the impact on your wallet.

Starting July 1, families can save on impact-resistant garage doors.

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Mitchell Pierce, the owner of Quality Garage Door Services in Orlando, said the cost of a garage door has pretty much doubled in the past year.

“I am paying more for a garage door today than I was selling it for in January 2021,” Pierce said.

Pierce has owned his business for more than 20 years. His company is paying more for supplies — everything from steel to insulation.

“They’re telling us it’s because lack of product to manufacture the doors, steel costs,’ Pierce said. “Garage door companies are now competing with the automotive industry for the insulation. So, if you want an insulated door you’re going to wait about five months.”

Pierce said he is cutting his profit margins to stay competitive.

“For a base model residential door in the Orlando area customers are looking at about $2,500 to $2,700,” Pierce said.

A sales tax saving on a door bought in July will save homeowners 6%. Pierce said customers can also save through their home insurance.


“I know from an insurance standpoint there’s definitely a benefit to bringing your garage door up to present hurricane code,” Pierce said.

DeSantis said the historic tax relief package is designed to help families fight inflation.

“You’ve seen the federal government just printing trillions of dollars, spending unimaginable amounts,” said Desantis while in front of a crowd in Ocala Friday. “The tax relief you’re going to see are going to be breaks for really critical needs like gas, diapers, and disaster supplies.

News 6 political expert Jim Clark said long-term tax benefits can do more than short-term holidays.

“They’re just transferring it. You pay more the other 50 weeks of the year and you get a tax break a couple weeks a year,” Clark said.

Clark also argued these breaks can be beneficial when it comes to the ballot box.

“Politicians have learned, ‘Hey! This is really a great positive thing for politicians running for office,’” he said. “This year they have added a gasoline tax break, but it won’t go into effect until October: one month before the election. So, clearly, this one-month tax break was timed to influence voters and make the Republicans look very good right before the election.”

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