Pixy is the first drone from social media turned camera company Snap

Pixy is the first drone from social media turned camera company Snap

What just happened? Snap isn’t done making quirky electronics. On Thursday, the self-professed camera company announced Pixy, a pocket-sized drone with an integrated camera. The craft features four translucent orange fans for lift and maneuverability mounted to a bright yellow chassis.

The centrally-mounted control dial lets you choose between four preconfigured flight modes: hover, reveal, follow and orbit. There’s also a favorite mode where you can tweak something from another mode.

Pixy ships with a 12MP camera and 16GB of internal storage that can save up to 100 videos or around 1,000 photos. Video quality tops out at 2.7k @ up to 30 frames per second. It also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as a removable 860mAh battery that’s good for anywhere from five to eight flights using default flight modes.

At just 101 grams with the battery pack installed, it’s very light – perhaps even too light in certain situations like a windy day. The camera is mounted directly to the frame of the drone, so there’s no gimbal to help with stabilization.

Pixy is available in the US and France for $229.99. Additional battery packs retail for $19.99, and there is also a dual battery charger for $49.99. When purchased as a bundle, you can get the drone, two batteries and the charger for $249.99.


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