Pennsylvania Woman Lied About Man Attempting to Rape and Kidnap Her Because He Looked ‘Creepy,’ Gets Him Jailed for a Month

A Pennsylvania woman filed a report against a man, accusing him of attempting to rape and kidnap her in a Pennsylvania supermarket parking lot last month, prompting law enforcement to put him behind bars for a month.

However, it was later revealed that she made the whole story up and admitted to it when cops confronted her. Anjela Borisova Urumova, 20, identified as a Bristol Township resident, has now been charged for lying about the attack.

Bucks County District Attorney Jennifer Schorn’s office said that Urumova falsely accused Daniel Pierson, 41, of pulling her pants down and striking her outside of a Redner’s supermarket in Middleton Township on April 16.

Pierson went on the face felony charges and spent exactly 31 days behind bars before charges were dropped last Friday and he walked free, the DA said, noting that neither surveillance footage nor Urumova’s iPhone corroborated her claims.

“As part of the investigation, Middletown Township Police collected and reviewed available surveillance video from multiple retailers in the area of the reported attack, and a detective with the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office conducted a forensic review of Urumova’s cellphone data,” the DA’s office said. “The review led to the discovery of multiple inconsistencies and contradictory information with Urumova’s account of the attack at the Redner’s parking lot.”

Prosecutors said that police detectives as recently as Friday “confronted” Urumova and got her to admit that she fabricated the allegations.

Urumova ‘Targeted’ Pierson, Believed Him to be ‘Creepy’

“This investigation concluded that Urumova falsely reported an attack to police on April 16, and specifically targeted, and later identified, Pierson as her attacker,” the DA’s office added. “Urumova said she gave a description of his truck and identified him because she had seen him and the truck in the past.”

Local ABC affiliate WPVI reported that Urumova admitted she falsely accused Pierson because she’d seen him before and believed him to be “creepy.” The defendant further said that her claimed injuries stemmed from an incident with her grandmother, the report said. The complaint obtained by Law & Crime revealed even more about that.

“Her grandmother, who Urumova claimed suffered from dementia, did not recognize her as she entered the house and threw a plastic object at her, striking her in the lip. This incident allegedly caused the laceration to her lip that she later blamed on Pierson,” court documents said.

Urumova Chose Pierson from Photo-Lineup, Said She was ‘60% Sure’ He was the Attacker

Authorities said that the defendant specifically described the non-existent attacker’s truck as having a “Thin Blue Line” sticker on it.After investigators tracked Pierson down and put him in a photo lineup the following day, Urumova said she was “60% sure” he was the suspect, documents said.

Court records show that Urumova was arraigned Monday on charges for making false reports (two counts), causing false alarm to an agency of public safety, tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, and for “unsworn falsification to authorities” (three counts). Bail was set at $30,000, records also show.

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