Nintendo might be younger than it claims to be – or much older


On September 23, 1889, so the story goes, Fusajiro Yamauchi founded a playing card-making company called Nintendo. From these humble origins as one of more than 30 playing card wholesalers based in the Shomendori/Takasegawa neighborhood of Kyoto, the family-owned company would become the largest playing card maker in the country. Under the leadership of Fusajiro’s great-grandson Hiroshi Yamauchi, Nintendo went after the emerging video game market, becoming the world-famous giant we know today.

In 1889, the telephone patent was two years old, Edison and Tesla’s War of the Currents was still waging, and ocean-faring steamships were ushering in the first wave of globalization. The world was shrinking fast, and Japan had, at last, emerged from its feudal Edo period with the end of the Satsuma Rebellion 12 years prior. You know, the one Tom Cruise apparently played a crucial role in… 


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