Nintendo Acquires HQ-Adjacent Land to Build New Development Center


Nintendo announced today its plan to acquire a large plot of land adjacent to its current headquarters. The Japanese company will create a new development center to house its development teams; the construction will take nearly six years.

1. Overview of the acquiring land
11-2-5 Hokotate-cho, Kamitoba, Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Site area
(former Foundation Support Factory: 3,110.91㎡, former Material and Disaster Prevention Center: 6,917.64㎡)
2. Bidding Price
5,000,000,000 Yen
3. Usage of the land
Facility name
Corporate Headquarters Development Center, Building No. 2 (tentative name)
Objective of the facility
R&D reinforcement
Floor area
Approximately 38,000㎡
Structure and height
12 floor steel framed building, approximately 72m of height
Planned completion date
December 2027

Perspective drawing of “Corporate Headquarters Development Center, Building No. 2” (tentative name)

Along with the R&D investments and capital investments, Nintendo believes acquiring and utilizing this land will carry an important role on reinforcing its R&D.

In December, Nikkei reported that Nintendo plans to increase its in-house workforce to reduce the need for outsourced game development. That should have fans excited, as Nintendo games developed internally tend to have higher average quality than those outsourced to third-party developers.

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