Meta Quest Gaming Showcase live – all the VR games as they’re announced

Black Meta Quest Gaming Showcase logo on pink and blue background


Red Matter 2 is a spooky-looking sci-fi romp that picks up from the cliffhanger ending of the original game. The red matter is still at large, and it’s on you to stop it.

Puzzling your way through the game is still the focal point of your adventure, but there are new tools, an upgraded jet pack for improved mobility, and some other surprises.

Among US VR is finally getting a vague release window. You and your crew mates can dive into the fray before the ends of the year. Being accused of murder in first-person looks like a lot more fun in VR!  

NFL Pro Era is the first officially licensed NFL game for VR. The focus is on an authentic NFL experience, that will have you leading your team to victory in the Super Bowl. 

After two years, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is getting a follow up with The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution.

Round two is no cakewalk – resources are scarcer, there are more walkers, and there’s a “new and bloodthirsty threat” after you. Which I assume is the man who the grizzled voice in the trailer belongs to. So get a fresh pair of pants ready for the release later this year. 


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