Louisiana man, 31, given five years probation for faking physical and mental disabilities to get female caregivers to change his soiled diapers for his sexual arousal is busted for doing it again – and sent to jail

A New Orleans judge sent a 31-year-old man to jail after he violated his parole by tricking women into changing his soiled diapers – again.

  • Rutledge Deas, 31, was arrested after tricking a woman into changing his soiled diapers and soliciting her to find more women to do so
  • He was already on probation for pretending to have mental disabilities so carers would change his diaper for his ‘sexual arousal’ in 2019
  • Police said Deas sent text messages earlier this year saying he was undergoing ‘alternative therapy’ and offering to pay women to change his diapers  
  • He was arrested at his Louisiana home on Thursday and charged with one count of human trafficking and another of attempted human trafficking
  • In 2019, he used an app to hire a woman to deal with him with ‘tough toddler gloves,’ posing as an 18-year-old disabled man named ‘Cory’
  • She changed his soiled diapers on several occasions, according to court records
  • In 2019, he pleaded guilty to four counts of human trafficking, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia 

Rutledge ‘Rory’ Deas IV, 31, was on probation for five years after he posed as an 18-year-old mentally and physically disabled man named ‘Cory’ to trick several women, and was charged with 10 counts of sexual battery and human trafficking for his scheme.

As part of his plea agreement, he was ordered to maintain employment, attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, undergo internet addiction counseling, stay off social media and complete 400 hours of community service, according to NOLA.com

Although the women he victimized agreed to this arrangement, one who spoke publicly doubted the treatment would change him. 

‘Hopefully he follows through with that,’ she said. ‘I don’t believe that he will because five years is a long time. I hope he can make himself better.’

She was right. On December 23, Louisiana State Police launched an investigation after learning of a text message in which Deas again pretended to be an adult with special needs, telling a victim that he was engaged in ‘alternative therapy’ and offering to pay her to change his diapers.

Rutledge ‘Rory’ Deas, 31 (pictured) was arrested again on Thursday for tricking women into changing his diaper while posing as a mentally handicapped man. He had been on parole for 5 years after an earlier scheme to
Deas was arrested on December 23 after police were notified that he had sent text messages to women offering to pay them to change his diapers

He tried to solicit the victim to find other women to ‘care for him’ in the process. Police said an investigation is still underway, and they are searching for additional victims of Deas’ perverse scheme. 

Deas was arrested at his Metarie home on December 23, and was sent to jail in lieu of $200,000 bail for human trafficking and attempted human trafficking charges. He was also be charged with five counts of parole violation. 

During a court hearing for the 2019 charges, two women spoke about Deas, with one saying: ‘I used to believe that almost everyone in the world was inherently good. … In this case, I was wrong.’

At the time of his 2019 arrest, authorities said that Deas used an online app called UrbanSitter to hire a college student to look after a fabricated 18-year-old brother named Cory.

He would then pose as Cory and pretend to be handicapped while a home help worker looked after him and changed his soiled diapers for around one year.

A New Orleans judge has sentenced Rutledge Deas (pictured), 30, who tricked women into changing his diapers by pretending to have physical and mental disabilities, to five years of probation

Deas told investigators that he had trauma during childhood and being treated like an infant brought him ‘back to a time and place where he was at peace,’ court records obtained by The Times-Picayune revealed. 

Deas told one woman, 20, that Cory needed a person to deal with him with ‘tough toddler gloves’.

Pretending to be Cory, he sent text messages to the woman saying he needed to be potty trained, needed his ‘diapee’ changed and required a child’s booster seat.   

He would then pose as Cory and pretend to be handicapped while a home help worker looked after him and changed his soiled diapers for around one year. The app Deas used is pictured

The woman looked after a man she believed was Cory on ten occasions. She had changed his soiled diapers, according to court records obtained by The Times-Picayune.

The documents state Deas became aroused during that time and would suck on a baby’s pacifier when she performed diaper changes. 

The female victim never met the older brother, and he made payments through an Apple online app.   

However she then had questions after Deas attempted to use another method to pay her on November 6, 2019.     

She then examined his profile and saw another exchange of money between Deas and another man. She found a profile under the name ‘Rory Deas’ when she looked at the other man’s friend group on Facebook. 

The woman told police that the profile was the man she knew and cared for as Cory. 

After contacting authorities, she contacted the babysitting app and Deas’ profile was removed.

Deas later contacted her to see if she could care for Cory and at an apartment in the 1200 block of Marengo Street.

State Police secured warrants to arrest Deas on the sexual battery counts and took him into custody. 

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