Live updates | Ukraine: Russia could target chemical sites

Live updates | Ukraine: Russia could target chemical sites

LVIV, Ukraine — The Ukrainian military is warning that Russia could target the country’s chemical industries.

The claim by Ukraine’s general staff wasn’t immediately explained in a report Tuesday. However, it comes after oil depots and other industrial sites have been targeted by Russian shelling in the war.

The military said, “The possibility of sabotage at the chemical industry of Ukraine with further accusations of units of the armed forces of Ukraine is not ruled out.”



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LVIV, Ukraine — Satellite pictures analyzed by The Associated Press show two ships off Snake Island, Ukraine, just before 3 p.m. Monday.

The images from Planet Labs PBC showed one appearing to be a landing craft off to its east, another was a ship with two smaller rafts near it. Ukraine has repeatedly struck Russian positions there recently, suggesting Russian forces may be trying to restaff or remove personnel from the Black Sea island.


LVIV, Ukraine ⁠— Russian missile fire targeting the Black Sea port city of Odesa has killed one person and wounded five.

The Ukrainian military’s southern command made the announcement early Tuesday after a barrage of fire throughout the day.

One struck a shopping center and a warehouse, the military said.


Ukraine alleged the munitions dated back to the Soviet era, making them unreliable in targeting. There’s been increasing concern that Russia is running out of guided munitions, making it more likely they’ll fire unguided rockets which can cause wider collateral damage.


One of the Ukrainian fighters holding out in the Mariupol steelworks said Monday they were still defending the city.

Valeri Paditel, who heads the border guards in the Donetsk region, said the fighters were “doing everything to make those who defend the city in the future proud.”

In his video address, released by the national border guard service, Paditel said the fighters include border guards, soldiers, national police and members of the national guard.

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