Girl Sucker Punches Male Student With Brass Knuckles After He Accused Her Of Stealing


According to Twitter user WCoast, the boy accused the girl of theft. On a longer version of the video the boy can be seen getting in her face and screaming profanity’s at her.

The boy then proceeds to turn away from her and asks other students to hold his water bottle saying ‘Hold this!’ like he’s gearing up for an attack and that’s when the shorter version of the video begins and she can be seen punching him as he’s turned away.

Due to the brutality of the attack, and the fact that the brass knuckles could potentially be classified as a deadly weapon, many netizens called for the attacker to be sent to a juvenile detention facility.

There is a longer video that shows the boy getting in her face. He thought she stole from him. She says, he asked the crowd to hold his bottle and she took it as a physical threat. The boy was 13, the girl 15.
It’s an old video. 2 years.

— WCoast (@WCoast_) January 18, 2023

In contrast to the learning environment created in our school, this does not reflect the safe and caring environment in which our students learn.

Furthermore, the spokesperson said that the video of the brass knuckles fight should not be disseminated further due to its minor content.

According to our spokesperson, reporting Tweets and not sharing images of non-consenting minors can help us protect our students.

The Gateway Pundit reports that the fight took place at the ASPIRA Academy in Las Americas. Although the fight took place two years ago, Twitter wcoast reports that it recently resurfaced and went viral on social media.

As a result, the school issued an official acknowledgment of the incident.

According to a spokesperson for the school, this is an old video of an incident that was addressed several years ago. I appreciate your help.

Even though school officials did not accept the consequences faced by him. Attacker. The school management has not disclosed the injuries suffered by the victim in the incident.

Sucker Punch or Fair Game?
Female student force feds her male classmate a 3pc and a Biscuit for talking reckless…

— Fight Haven (@FightHaven) January 20, 2023


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