FIFA launches free streaming service for fans featuring soccer matches, series, and documentaries

FIFA launches free streaming service for fans featuring soccer matches, series, and documentaries

TL;DR: FIFA has just launched its own free streaming service called FIFA+, where fans will be able to watch over 40,000 live matches every year and various original TV series and movies about some of the most influential players of all time. The service is now live, it’s free of charge (for now) and available via web, streaming devices, and mobile.

FIFA’s new digital platform will allow fans of the sport to watch matches worldwide. The soccer organization plans to stream 40,000 live games a year, including women’s and youth football matches.

In the first month, users will have the chance to watch 1,400 matches from leagues such as the Iraqi Premier League, Ethiopian Premier League, and Nigeria Professional Football League. New leagues will be added over time, rapidly increasing the number of games broadcasted through the platform.

The streaming service also includes the FIFA+ archive to watch past games. Here, you’ll find over 2,000 hours of archived content, allowing you to see the entire matches, highlights, replays, and even that bicycle kick goal that awed you when you first watched it.

The archive is now open, featuring over 2,500 videos from the last 70 years.

For your daily dose of soccer news, you may take a look at Match Centre, where you can follow your favorite competitions and participate in friendly polls, quizzes, and fantasy games. In addition, there’s a series of FIFA’s original content. Some of this includes documentaries regarding Ronaldinho and Croatia as a nation united by soccer, as well as docuseries about various influential female and male players, soccer academies, and lifestyle.

“FIFA+ represents the next step in our vision to make football truly global and inclusive, and it underpins FIFA’s core mission of expanding and developing football globally,” said FIFA’s president Gianni Infantino. “This project represents a cultural shift in the way different types of football fans want to connect with and explore the global game and has been a fundamental part of my Vision 2020-2023. It will accelerate the democratization of football and we are delighted to share it with fans.”

At the moment, the service is free to use, but that may change later. Charlotte Burr, FIFA Plus lead, said that depending on how the platform evolves, FIFA may introduce gaming content, social features, and eventually, a paid subscription to the streaming service.

FIFA+ is now available for users via web, mobile, and other connected devices in five different languages (English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish), with six more languages coming this June.


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