FDA is ‘working around the clock’ to address baby formula shortage, Psaki says

FDA is ‘working around the clock’ to address baby formula shortage, Psaki says

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The nationwide baby formula shortage is getting worse.

Between Nov. 2021 and early April 2022, the out-of-stock rate jumped to 31%, according to data from Datasembly, a firm that tracks products stocked on store shelves.

Parents tell News4JAX they don’t have many options and are desperately searching for formula.

Some say they’re turning to store-brand formula, but that it’s still hard to find.

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Ashleigh Olsen said she is trying to do what she can to feed her 9-month-old son. It’s been two months since she’s been able to get her hands on his specialized formula.


“It’s sold out everywhere,” Olsen said. “I’ve looked at Walgreens, I’ve looked at Amazon, eBay, I’ve looked at the Enfamil website, I’ve looked at Walmart. Absolutely everywhere I’ve looked at — even hospitals are having a hard time getting it.”

Some parents are looking to store brand formula equivalents as an option.

Let us know: Are you having a hard time finding baby formula?

According to the FDA., all formulas marketed in the United States must meet federal nutrient requirements. But even store brand formula is hard to get your hands on, literally.

The CVS on Roosevelt had all baby formula locked away on Wednesday. News4JAX also visited a local Publix and Harvey’s where there was not much on the shelves.

“There are babies that are going to run out of food and babies that don’t have any other options,” Olsen said.


White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that the US Food and Drug Administration is working to correct this shortage.

Psaki added: “Ensuring the availability is also a priority for the FDA and they’re working around the clock to address any possible shortage.”

As the shortage takes its course, licensed midwife Tiffany Martin is trying to help expecting moms avoid this issue by helping overcome breastfeeding difficulties early on.

“It can be a little overwhelming in the beginning and a lot of people begin to quit a little bit too soon,” Martin said. “People have an idea that it is going to come naturally.”

There’s no clear date when this shortage will be resolved.

In the meantime, if you’re unable to breastfeed — and feel like you’re running out of options — talk to your doctor about what’s the best next step.

StoreBrandFormula.com compiled this graphic of alternative formulas for parents searching for baby formula.

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