Dying Light just got the mother of all updates, so I know what I’m playing this weekend


The sun has finally set on Harran with the final Dying Light update rolling out this week. But thanks to the slew of free content, it’s rocketed right to the top of my list of games to play this weekend. 

Dying Light was released back in 2015, and its parkouring action set it apart from the multitude of other games in the genre. I’m a huge zombie fan, so coming off the back of Dead Island, I was itching for another hit of undead goodness. And Techland delivered.

The studio has continued to support the game with a steady stream of content post-launch, and is doing the same with Dying Light 2. Back in March, Dying Light got a free next-gen upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. And this last bumper update brings an expansion pack and four DLCs to base game owners for free. 

(Image credit: techland)

What’s included in the Dying Light free update?


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