BBTAG Rollback Netcode Update will be Available on April 14


Rollback Netcode is one of the most important aspects of fighting games at this point. The reason for it is that it allows for much smoother matches when it comes to player vs player gameplay. This is so important that a lot of fighting games are now implementing it retroactively to make sure that the user experience improves. Such is the case with Blazblue Cross Tag Battle (BBTAG).

BBTAG’s rough history as a fighting game is almost needless to be told. However, it’s at least nice to know that Arc System Works is interested in reviving interest in it. Previously this feature became available in a beta form. The beta version of BlazBlue Cross Tag Battleā€™s rollback update showed up on PC all the way back in February.

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle to Get Rollback Netcode Update on April

Now, the feature is finally going to go out of beta. The public test version of BBTAG is going to expire and become unavailable on April 13. On the next day, April 14, the game will have an update that will fully implement rollback netcode into the game for PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game.

Yes, this means that the Nintendo Switch version of the game is going to be left out of the update. In other words, Switch BBTAG owners will still be forced to play the game with a delay-based netcode. However, the rollback update may be available at some point in time for the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

For now, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is currently available on PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. In other news, the pre-order trailer for Capcom Fighting Collection has recently showcased some more gameplay and features. This game compilation is also going to bring rollback netcode to several classic fighting games such as Vampire Savior, Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.


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