Apple employee fired over antisemitic Instagram message: ‘You sneak into countries’

A pro-Israel watchdog is taking credit for the dismissal of an Apple employee who took to Instagram to condemn “Zionists” for being “murderers and thieves.”

Natasha Dach has been removed from Apple’s employee directory after her social media post was unearthed by StopAntisemitism, a representative of the group told The Post.

A screenshot of Dach’s social media posts indicates that she wrote: “You sneak into countries, steal peoples lives, jobs, homes, streets, push them, bully them, torture them.”

Dach wrote that “when people act on it, you call it terrorism” — an apparent reference to the Oct. 7 surprise assault by Hamas which left at least 1,400 Israeli soldiers and civilians dead.

“You are doing this for generations,” Dach wrote, adding: “Invasion is the only thing you are capable of.”

She ended the post by writing: “You are the only terrorists, and history will note that.”

The Post has sought comment from Dach, who has deleted her LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.

StopAntisemitism posted an image of Dach on its official X social media feed.

Several websites with photos that bear a resemblance to Dach indicate that she is a creative writer and information technology specialist based in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Post has sought comment from Apple.

Liora Rez, executive director of StopAntisemitism, told The Post that the group learned of Dach’s termination from a confidential source within the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech behemoth.

StopAntisemitism, which is funded by Israeli American real estate investor Adam Milstein, also claimed victory earlier this week when it posted a LinkedIn note from a Palestinian tech worker who identified himself as a software engineer for Apple.

Apple told The Post that the tech worker, Mohammed Tami, was a contractor who no longer had any business with the company. It was unclear when Apple cut ties with Tami.

Tami, who lives in the Palestinian city of Ramallah on the Israeli-occupied West Bank, took to LinkedIn on Wednesday and condemned “the ethnic cleansing and genocide perpetrated by Israel.”

“I cannot condemn my people for resisting this brutal and inhuman regime,” Tami wrote on LinkedIn, adding that the Palestinians “have the right to strive for self-determination and the return of our people to the land from which they were forcibly displaced 75 years ago.”

Tami wrote that the “struggle will persist until all refugees are able to return to their homeland” in present-day Israel “between river and sea … until this oppressive system is dismantled.”

The post was flagged by StopAntisemitism, which wrote: “This is a lot of mental gymnastics for ‘I support Hamas murdering 1300+ Israelis, beheading babies, raping teens, and shooting the elderly point blank in the head’.”

Tech workers at Apple have not been shy in expressing their views about the Israel-Hamas war — unlike their boss, CEO Tim Cook, who has been largely silent.

Management at the iPhone maker reportedly shut down internal Slack channels used by Muslim and Jewish employees after workers posted verses of the Koran and organized protests.

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