5 Florida cops relieved of duty for faking overtime when they weren’t even working: Sources


Sources say the officers were putting in overtime hours when they were not even working.

Five Miami-Dade Police officers have been relieved of duty for allegedly abusing the overtime system, sources told NBC6 Friday.

MDPD spokesperson Alvaro Zabaleta confirmed to NBC6 that the officers were relieved of duty with pay but could not confirm the reason why they were relieved of duty and what unit they were working for.

He added their identities would not be released due to “the undercover capacity” of their work and did not want to compromise the officers’ safety.

NBC6’s sources said the officers are homicide detectives who work with a federal task force. The South Florida Police Benevolent Association said they were part of a gang unit that worked with the FBI and covered the north end of the county.

“The truth is it’s a huge betrayal of the taxpayers’ trust … that involves falsification of documentation,” said retired police captain Michael D’Angelo. “Theft of police department means theft of taxpayer money.”


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