2 arrested in fatal, ‘coordinated’ shooting at packed Melbourne bar, police say

2 arrested in fatal, ‘coordinated’ shooting at packed Melbourne bar, police say

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – Melbourne police on Tuesday arrested two of three men sought as suspects in a fatal shooting at a Brevard County bar in March, filing a new timeline of what investigators believe led up to the death of 34-year-old Alain Noel, calling it a coordinated attack over the control of local club “turf.”

Richard Lakes, 34, and Lucious Scott, 30, were arrested and re-arrested respectively. Scott had already been booked at the Brevard County jail on April 19 in connection to a shootout in a Melbourne neighborhood earlier that month.


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The night of March 5, Noel and three others entered Off The Traxx after spending some time at a different bar, walking there shortly before the arrival of Lakes, Scott and a third man police identified as Elvin Clark, the alleged gunman.


One of the men in Noel’s group, Estephen Pierre, walked past Lakes, Scott and Clark while buying drinks, recognizing them as “people with whom he had prior difficulties,” police said. As it was explained in the affidavit, Pierre said the men had recently jumped and beaten him because of his Haitian origins and viewed the Haitian community as “encroaching on their ‘turf.’” After the encounter, Pierre said Lakes, Scott and Clark moved to where they could maintain a line of sight with Noel’s group, staring at them.

According to surveillance video and witness accounts, Clark purchased two bottles of beer and handed them to Lakes, who immediately emptied them before handing one bottle to Scott. Pierre told police that the men made physical gestures toward him, leading him to believe he was about to be attacked.

Lakes and Scott charged Pierre, striking his head with the bottles and leaving him with a laceration above his left eye, police said.


On surveillance video, Clark allegedly appeared to “dance around excitedly” in reaction to the attack, watching it happen from a distance. At this time, police said Clark pointed a 9mm pistol at Noel and fired four shots.

According to the report, two bullets struck Noel’s legs and another passed through his heart, killing him. A fourth bullet penetrated the bar and struck a bartender in the leg, inflicting non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

Immediately after the shooting, police said Clark ran through the rear exit of the bar, leaving among the first wave of people to do so. The bar was said to be near capacity at the time with more than 300 patrons inside, now racing to get out.


Lakes and Scott exited the same way, but separately from Clark, who had already driven away in a white Ford Fusion and left them behind. According to the affidavit, Clark was not apprehended.

Lakes and Scott face felony charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Lakes’ bond was set at $125,000, and Scott was given no bond.

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