🛍️TELL US: What mom wanted vs. what mom got

🛍️TELL US: What mom wanted vs. what mom got

We’ve all heard the saying ‘it’s not about the gifts,’ especially when it comes to the Mother’s Day holiday.

But sometimes mom gives all the hints… all the signs… and hubby and the kids just don’t get it, right?!

Maybe mom wanted a relaxing day to herself and instead, dad plans a trip with the kids to a theme park. Or many mentions of a new kitchen appliance go unnoticed and mom ends up with a robe, or slippers. (I mean, nothing wrong with that. It’s the thought that matters.)

If you’re a mom, let’s have some fun! We want to hear about your past experiences on Mother’s Day. Fill out the short survey below and we may mention your responses during our newscasts.

TELL US: What you wanted vs. what you got on Mother’s Day

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