Warzone pulls its most annoying Killstreak bonus temporarily, fans cheer


Warzone has disabled the Combat Bow Killstreak due to ‘an ongoing issue’ that turned players invincible under specific circumstances.

There’s no timetable yet on how long the Killstreak will be shelved, so it’s unclear if there will be a hotfix to deal with the issue or if the Combat Bow is out of commission until the next regular patch for Warzone. Introduced back in April of 2021, the Combat Bow has been a divisive Killstreak with Warzone players. The Combat Bow is frequently seen as incredibly easy and overpowered – firing explosive arrows that do area damage will get you that kind of reputation. It’s the kind of weapon that makes the fun feast-or-famine, and the person with the Combat Bow is the one with the chance to feast.


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