Taking Final Fantasy 15 away from the Deus Ex studio was ‘a big mistake’


Deus Ex developer Eidos Montréal very nearly made Final Fantasy 15. The studio was put in charge of Square Enix’s flagship JRPG project – until the publisher changed its mind and took it back home.

Eidos Montréal worked on Final Fantasy 15 after Deus Ex Mankind Divided, which was its final entry in the series. Development was already underway in Canada when the decision was made, according to former Montréal staffer Jonathan Jacque-Belletête. “Then they decided to bring it back to Japan,” he told TrueAchievements. “Which I think was a big mistake, but it’s still the truth. Ours was really, really cool.”

Since then, the Montréal studio has released a Tomb Raider sequel and Guardians of the Galaxy – the latter of which earned four stars from our Vic for its “heartfelt and witty story”.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

The studio would have been the first ever Western developer to put out a mainline Final Fantasy game. In the event, however, Final Fantasy 15 was entrusted to Square Enix’s Business Division 2 – a classically named Japanese developer – and led by director Hajime Tabata. It launched in 2016 to largely positive reviews.

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