Capcom announces more than 2 million dollar prize pool for upcoming Pro Tour, Street Fighter 6 to be the exclusive game


At the tail end of Capcom Cup IX it was revealed that the next season of the Pro Tour would have more than a 2 million dollar USD prize pool, with 1 million of that going to the first place overall winner.

This is an exceptional amount of prize money, and puts next year’s Capcom Cup up there with some of the biggest eSports events around. Also, it was confirmed that Street Fighter 6 would be taking over the main exclusive spot on the Pro Tour, ending Street Fighter 5’s run entirely.

The next season of the Pro Tour will feature both offline and online Premier events, which should bring in an entirely new generation of players into the fold. We here at EventHubs have played Street Fighter 6 thoroughly online and can state that the netcode is vastly improved over the previous entry in the franchise.

A number of the game’s best players have proven themselves online before taking their skills to offline events, and this upcoming addition should be absolutely fascinating to watch unfold in the fighting game community.

Regional World Warrior events, which were part of this past season of the Capcom Pro Tour, were also announced to be returning as well.

The next season of the Capcom Pro Tour will kick off this summer, we’re imagining some ways after the release of Street Fighter 6, on June 2, 2023. It’s expected that Capcom Cup X will also happen around February 2024, but this speculation based on when the prior event took place.

It’s a very interesting time in the fighting game community where a lot of new players and older ones are generating a tremendous amount of hype and energy for the genre around the globe. Capcom is certainly doing their part as well by throwing the largest prize pool we’ve ever seen into the mix, which is sure to attract players from around the world.


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