If you see these run fast and ask for help


There are so many different animals in the world that nobody even knows the exact number of existing species. some of them are beautiful and some are ugly. however, not everything is as it seems, because the ugly ones may be safe,  and the beautiful ones can be deadly.

1. Caterpillar

This caterpillar looks like somebody dropped their wig by accident it’s not very big but it’s very hairy you might think that because it’s hairy. it’s tender to touch but don’t let that fool you in fact if you touch the hairs they will penetrate your skin and sting you.  According to the experience of other people, the pain is unimaginably bad so stay away from this caterpillar if you can. However, if you get stung doctors recommend washing the area using soap and water but be very careful not to press the spot because this will make the poison spread faster,  after you finish washing the sting put some ice on it to reduce the pain if the pain doesn’t go away within the next 30 minutes or so go to the hospital immediately.  we think caterpillar puss looks too gross to touch it and we hope you agree with us.

A look at the furry “puss caterpillar”, which has started showing up in eastern Virginia.



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