10 Critical Signs that Indicates Your Dog is Dying


Losing a furry friend would probably be the worst nightmare come to life for many pet owners however it’s an unfortunate fact of life that our dogs don’t live forever recognizing the signs that signify the end is near will help us be prepared for that inevitable moment. 

If you love your dog please read this article to learn about 10 critical signs that indicate your dog is going to die and wait until you hear what we have to tell you about saying farewell to your beloved pet. 

1. Incontinence

Dogs often lose control of their bladder or bowels as they age. Some dogs may poop or pee in their sleep, while others may dribble urine as they walk without seeming to notice. Loss of bladder or bowel control can be upsetting for our canines because they naturally don’t want to soil the house. Be compassionate and never scold your pet for these accidents as that will only increase their anxiety and distress. Some medications and more frequent trips outside can help incontinence will often worsen as your dog nears the end of their life.

2. Your dog doesn’t want to go outside

As a dog nears death, they will become less mobile. Their legs may start giving out and the pooch may even stop wanting to go out for walks. It will gradually progress to not being able to jump on the couch, struggling with stairs or slippery floors, and having trouble getting up after a nap. You can help your canine by making sure their water and food bowls are easily accessible.



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