10 Critical Signs that Indicates Your Dog is Dying


5. Odd Breathing

When a dog is very close to death, their normal bodily functions may begin to shut down. This can cause them to breathe in an odd way. Your dog’s breathing may be very fast or very slow. They may also simply have to work hard to move air in and out. They may breathe heavier or deeper than usual. More often than not, this is one of the last signs that develops when a dog is dying. Right before their death, dogs will exhale one last big breath.

6. Loss of Appetite

Lack of appetite is common at the end of life. Your dog may start eating less and may have a hard time finishing their daily portion. A reduced appetite may also be a consequence of certain cancer treatments or terminal illnesses. Healthy dogs want nothing more than some yummy treats. But when a dog nears the end of their lifespan, even the tastiest treat won’t be interesting to them. This is because their organs are starting to shut down, and your pet doesn’t feel the need to drink or eat.



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