Paedophile is jailed for 26 months after being caught by online vigilantes for third time when he thought he was meeting up with 12-year-old girl

A manipulative paedophile has been jailed for 26 months after being caught by paedophile hunters on Facebook for the third time Paul Rickson had tried to meet a girl who he thought was 12-years-old on October 7 last year in Reading, Berkshire, a court heard. The 45-year-old was instead greeted by members of the paedophile hunting group … Read more

Financial advisor tells graduating class how they can become self-made millionaires

Thousands of college graduates are entering adulthood and may need to start thinking more about money management. Author, self-made millionaire, and host of the I Will Teach You to be Rich podcast Ramit Sethi revealed the ‘simple’ step for college graduates to be financially successful in the future. According to NBC 10 Philadelphia, Sethi’s advice for college graduates … Read more

T-Mobile to buy almost all of U.S Cellular in deal worth $4.4 billion with debt

T-Mobile is buying U.S. Cellular’s wireless operations and certain spectrum assets in a deal valued at $4.4 billion, and further consolidating the industry. T-Mobile would get more than 4 million new customers and control of U.S. Cellular’s wireless operations and about 30% of spectrum assets across several spectrum bands. T-Mobile will also enter into a … Read more

Fontana pays nearly $900,000 for ‘psychological torture’ inflicted by police to get false confession

Within hours after Thomas Perez Jr. called police to report his father missing, he found himself in a tiny interrogation room confronted by Fontana detectives determined to extract a confession that he killed his dad. Perez had told police that his father, 71-year-old Thomas Perez Sr., went out for a walk with the family dog … Read more

Married high school teacher has been jailed after sexually abusing a student as many as 30 times

A married high school teacher has been sentenced to over a decade in prison for multiple instances of sexual conduct with a student. 33-year-old Heather Hare was sentenced last week following her arrest for unlawful sexual activity with a student. Hare, who previously worked at Bryant High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, as a Family … Read more

Horrific ordeal of female inmate who says she was raped in prison by bearded, 6’2″ trans cellmate who then perversely claimed to be the victim

Housed in a women’s prison, Rebecca could have reasonably expected that she wouldn’t share a cell with her alleged future rapist. But, days after moving cells following an argument with other prisoners, Rebecca says she fell victim to a ‘fully penetrative’ assault in the showers — at the hands of her new cellmate, a self-identified transgender inmate. … Read more

Pennsylvania Woman Lied About Man Attempting to Rape and Kidnap Her Because He Looked ‘Creepy,’ Gets Him Jailed for a Month

A Pennsylvania woman filed a report against a man, accusing him of attempting to rape and kidnap her in a Pennsylvania supermarket parking lot last month, prompting law enforcement to put him behind bars for a month. However, it was later revealed that she made the whole story up and admitted to it when cops … Read more

Teen faces 60 years in prison after setting fire to wrong home over stolen iPhone, killing family of five

A Colorado youngster faces up to 60 years in prison for killing an innocent family of five by setting fire to the wrong home — in a barbaric revenge plot over his stolen iPhone. Kevin Bui, now 20, pleaded guilty last week to igniting the late-night blaze in a Denver neighborhood in August 2020 after using the … Read more

Grooming gang ‘took girls to restaurants and lined them up for sex’ as ringleader jailed for further 12 years

The ringleader of a grooming gang that lined young girls up to be sexually abused has been jailed for a further 12 years. Mubarek Ali, raped, violated and pimped out the girl over several years after “charming and sweet talking” a victim. The 41-year-old was jailed 12 years ago for his part in a paedophile … Read more