‘Children may have participated in the abuse’: Parents starved 6-year-old, locked her in dog crate and shot her with BB gun, police say

A mother and father in Pennsylvania are being accused of physically and emotionally torturing their 6-year-old daughter, allegedly leaving her bound in a locked dog cage for hours at a time, starving her for days in a row, and having the other children in the home assault her. Jacob William Weight, 37, and Mimi Ann Frost, 33, were taken … Read more

Jennifer Crumbley, mother of Ethan Crumbley, found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in son’s school shooting

PONTIAC, Mich. — Jennifer Crumbley, the Michigan woman charged in connection with her son’s deadly school shooting rampage in 2021, was convicted Tuesday of involuntary manslaughter in the unprecedented case. The unanimous verdict came on the second day of jury deliberations in a landmark trial in which Crumbley became the first parent to be held criminally responsible for a … Read more

17-year-old alleged ‘serial swatter’ charged after police say he made threats throughout the country

A 17-year-old “serial swatter” from California is believed to be responsible for hundreds of swatting incidents and bomb threats throughout the United States and is now facing charges in Florida, according to a pretrial detention motion. Alan Filion was extradited to Florida on January 30 to face charges for a swatting incident at a mosque, according to the Seminole County … Read more

Brianna Ghey’s killers given life sentences for brutal murder

Brianna Ghey’s killers have been given life sentences for her “brutal, planned and sadistic” murder. Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe murdered the 16-year-old in a park in Cheshire in February 2023. Mrs Justice Yip said Jenkinson was motivated by a “deep desire to kill” while Ratcliffe’s motivation was in part hostility to Brianna’s transgender identity. … Read more

Man Allegedly Posed as Minor Online to Meet Child Predator, Then Fatally Shot Him

A Texas man is charged with murder after allegedly posing as a minor to meet and kill a convicted sex offender, according to authorities. The Houston Police Department alleges that in May 2023, James Spencer III, 22, shot and killed victim Sean Connery Showers, 37.  Police claim Showers approached a vehicle in the early morning hours … Read more

Florida man accused of forcing adopted son to live in garage pleads for mercy, sentenced to 5 years in prison

A Florida man who was found guilty of locking his adopted son in a box-like structure in the family’s garage has been sentenced to five years in prison, which is more than what the defense requested but less than the maximum possible sentence of 40 years. Tim Ferriter, 48, was back in court Thursday for … Read more

Event Planner Sentenced to Over 8 Years in Prison for Shoving Beloved Vocal Coach, 87, to Death

Lauren Pazienza was sentenced to 8½ years in state prison on Friday after shoving 87-year-old vocal coach Barbara Gustern to her death last year, according to multiple outlets including the New York Post and Newsday. On Aug. 23, the New York City woman pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree manslaughter and agreed to a sentencing of eight years in state prison, followed … Read more

Disgraced New Orleans cop and ‘mentor’ gets twice as much prison time for sexually assaulting 15-year-old rape victim after judge rejects DOJ-backed deal

After a federal judge rejected a negotiated sentence between the government and the defense, a 55-year-old former officer with the New Orleans Police Department was sentenced to twice as much prison time for sexually assaulting a teen girl he once brought to a hospital for a rape kit. Rodney Vicknair was sentenced to serve 14 … Read more